english SYSTEM

New Literacy Process + New Whole Brain Training Method



We work on helping children to recognize the parts to a whole. By introducing them to the letter sounds and the different combinations of blends and digraphs, we ensure that the children have the foundation laid, and being able to associate letters to the corresponding sounds. 


Stage 2: READING through Decoding and Encoding 

As children are picking up on their ability to perceive and respond orally but not yet through visual representation (i.e. the written word), we introduce the reading mechanics of decoding and encoding. The ability to understand and communicate not just through speech but the written word is what we seek to strengthen in a child from a very young age.


Stage 3: SPELLING through Decoding and Encoding 

When children have better grasps of the mechanism of reading through decoding and encoding, we will introduce the skill of spelling through decoding and encoding. This will help children to spell, not from rote memory, but by understanding exactly how parts of the words come or blend together.


Stage 4: READING and WRITING Application 

In theory, children who have covered Stages 1 through 3 with our Asia English Programme will be able to read and write. However, reading and writing is not just about words but about deeper levels of comprehension. Hence, we dedicate the last kindergarten years to help children be acquainted with the rules of writing in sentences and paragraphs.